Individual Projects


Gooblen is Rust program takes an image as input and converts it into a cross-stitch embroidery pattern, generates a realistic visualization of the finished product, and generates the spools designs which are then fed to the digital cutter to create paper spools where the yarn is stored.The project capitalizes on a rather long Romanian tradition of embroidery and is one of the most advanced pattern generators on the market.

Tehnologies: Rust, SVG, PDF, color theory, realistic image simulation


IPFees is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for computing intellectual property fees. The language allows expressing the verbosity of intellectual property documents of various jurisdictions in a formal way, allowing the user to perform a computation in seconds rather than days on end.

Tehnologies: ASP.NET Core (C#), MongoDb, DSL, background services, Docker

Remote Car Surveillance

A system for monitoring a fleet of vehicles, complete with a multi-threaded server, automatic decoding of GPS device sentences, location history, evaluation of driving style based on historical data, fleet self-programming, etc. An ARM7-based server with 2GB of RAM is able to handle more than 30000 simultaneously transmitting GPS devices with approx. 85% CPU utilization.

Tehnologies: Go, MongoDb, Vue.js, IoT

Delta Forth .NET - World’s first Forth compiler for the .NET platform

Forth is a versatile stack-based language and Delta Forth .NET is the world’s first Forth compiler for the .NET platform. The compiler is able to generate IL code that can interoperate with other .NET languages. This product is mentioned on the Microsoft intranet and various other sites (,,, as well as in the book .NET Framework Essentials, Second Edition, O’Reilly & Associates. It was also mentioned in the Transform online magazine. Tim Sneath and Brad Merrill of Microsoft have expressed their support and consideration for the development of the Delta Forth .NET system.

Tehnologies: .NET (C#), MSIL, Forth

Board generator for Airplanes game

Airplanes is a strategy game between two players, very popular in Romania in the 70s and 80s. With the advent of personal computers and game consoles, the popularity of paper games has declined, but their charm is unmatched in the family, on hikes and whenever we want to escape from the excessively technological world. The less pleasant part of the paper game is the manual preparation of the boards, which consists of drawing the grid, the coordinates and the correct placement of the planes on the grid. This site caters to those who want to play Airplanes by automatically generating a variety of game boards.

Tehnologies: Go, MongoDb, Vue.js